The short scene that appears after the end of John Wick – Chapter 4 keeps the exciting action of the movie series going .

John Wick is in a new movie where he fights for his life and if you watch until the end of the movie (which is very long) , there is a short scene after the credits The writers of the movie say that the scene is important to the themes of the story , but it’s not necessary for understanding the plot . It’s also supposed to be really cool .

In John Wick – Chapter 4 , the movie ends with a sad moment where it seems like John has died , but it’s not clear . However , after the credits , we see a scene where Caine is visiting his daughter with flowers . Then , a woman named Akira walks towards him with a weapon , getting ready to seek revenge for her father , Shimazu , whom Caine had killed earlier in the movie

According to Finch and Hatten , the main focus of the scene is Akira’s desire for revenge .

According to Finch , the scene demonstrates how powerful the High Table is and how difficult it is to leave once you become involved with them . Akira is seeking revenge for her father’s death and is determined to go after Caine . However , Caine knows that she is part of the High Table and expects her to come after him . Akira’s story is similar to John Wick’s story in many ways .

Hatten explained that the reccurring pattern of seeking revenge and resorting to violence is important aspect of the themes explored in the John Wick movies .

According to Hatten , the themes of revenge and violence are important in the John Wick series . These themes demonstrate how this world works and once someone is in it , it’s difficult to leave . We can relate to John because he didn’t choose this life and he’s just trying to leave it behind and honor his wife . But it’s not easy for him to do this .

The scene only fits into the themes of the John Wick series , such as revenge and the power of the High Table , but it also adds an exciting element to the end of the movie . Additionally it may also hint at what’s in store for the series going forward .

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